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The evolution of DeFi and the regulation of crypto-assets and markets, the boosting and public interest motivated by the metaverse economy, and the variety and complexity of legal problems posed by tokens and tokenization are relevant factors multiplying the opportunity of this II Token World Conference, a specialized transdisciplinary forum wherein a bunch of world-leading DLT and cryto-asset law and economy professors and directors of key blockchain and DeFi organizations and institutions from 12 countries, will point at the key issues and challenges faced by the crypto economy and its legal status, mainly with respect to the EU situation within the context of MiCA and other regulations concerning the EU Digital Financial strategy.

The FinTech Observatory Directors, the cluster of the CID – ICADE Faculty of Law, the research group of DYDEM-URJC and the leaders and organizing teams of the Alastria Blockchain Consortium community hope you enjoy the Conference and actively participate in it during the events and thereafter in the composition of the written versión of its proceedings in order to publish its results which no doubt will aling with the purposes of financial stability, cibersecurity and investor protection sought by governments, regulators and markets.


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April 6 - 9, 2021

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